Data and insights from The NPD Group’s State of the Physical Console Market Study are your resource for

understanding the latest trends across platforms, software, marketing, and streaming. Drive strategy and

review the opportunities and risks to prepare for greater success in 2020.


Topics Addressed

  • Understand the relationship of cross-ownership and engagement across platforms
  • Identify the physical revenue percentage of the software market that the 10 largest publishers accounted for in 2019
  • Uncover the impact of the indie market and its effect on the market
  • Explore the impact eSport and niche community events had on Twitch
  • Discover which genres drove the most revenue in the physical console software market in 2019


Industry Expertise

Back in the old days, a video game platform was synonymous with a console — like an N64 or Xbox 360.

Today, that’s quickly changing. Video games themselves are increasingly becoming platforms with the rise

of DLC, Games as a Service model, and e-sports. Today, publishers and developers are pressured to deliver

the content their gamers demand, when they demand it. Manufacturers, on the other hand, must know

how their gamers interact with content and hardware to power the best gaming experiences. Data and

insights from NPD and EEDAR, an NPD Group Company, can ensure you’re responsive to the needs of your

gamers, so they remain loyal and don’t flee to another publisher or manufacturer.

The State of the Physical Console Market

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