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EEDAR Insights @ GDC16

GDC is always an exciting time for the industry, and by extension, for EEDAR. Developers, publishers, and games professionals from all over the world descend on San Francisco to talk about the future of the medium and the business that surrounds it.

Our analysts and executives used GDC as an opportunity to meet with current and prospective clients. We were seeing game demos, discussing EEDAR’s future products, giving and getting feedback. Client satisfaction is our number one priority, so we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the way we operate and the products that we offer.

Many of our conversations centered on the imminent arrival of consumer VR, and how it might affect the way we create and engage with games. Others focused on continued growth of eSports, leveraging streaming platforms like Twitch, or the shifting demographics of gamers in general.

EEDAR’s presence at GDC was headlined by two signature sessions that covered a lot of these topics. Our cofounder Geoff Zatkin brought another year’s worth of Awesome Video Game Data to the conference on Wednesday afternoon, showing off some interesting trends from 2015 (and where things could be heading next). Who is playing games? Where? How much do they pay? Just how big is Steam, really? Geoff’s presentation is available at the link below.

Patrick Walker, our VP of Insights, gave a thought-provoking talk about what player engagement means for game makers in 2016. By taking into account the myriad ways in which gamers interact with their favorite pastime (including backing Kickstarter projects, taking part in Reddit discussions, or watching Let’s Play videos), developers can get a broader and more holistic view of how to best engage different kinds of prospective players.

Cartoonist & Illustrator Joyce Rice (@TeenyRobots) was in attendance for Patrick's talk and she made a fantastic cartoon summarizing it:


GDC 2016 was a huge success for EEDAR. Stay tuned to this blog (and our Twitter!) for more updates, and grab PowerPoint decks for each talk below:

Awesome Video Game Data 2016 Understanding Engagement in the Rapidly Expanding Video Game Universe



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