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Did You Know We Do Gamer Trackers?

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

EDAR’s PlayerPulse examines 2,500 gamers aged 13+ on a monthly basis to track interest in upcoming titles, current games played, and other activities related to gaming. It is a powerful tool for tracking consumer interests and investment, and it tracks a monthly curated list of over 100 games. PlayerPulse is created and maintained by our expert consumer analyst team, overseen by a PhD Psychologist. __

Click here to see a brief overview of the 'Player In-Depth Analysis' for the well-known game Tic Tac Toe:

Monthly Survey of Teens to Adults (13+) with current games (HD and Mobile) and upcoming games updated every month by EEDAR's team of trained researchers


Demographics for platforms, genres, and most popular individual games on PC, Console, and Mobile


Purchase Intent of the most important upcoming games to help predict sales performance


View Over-Time graphs for games, and then learn more about a specific audience by examining an in-depth look at an individual game in the tool. __

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