GamePulse is the Industry's most accurate game meta data tool. Empowering publishers and developers alike, to make the

best games possible. 

Critical Data At Your Fingertips

GamePulse is a continuously updated, highly accessible web portal designed to provide immediate access to critical statistics and offer powerful tools for exploring market trends. All our data is beautifully shown in the following channels.


Compare different games on a wide variety of sales, marketing and consumer metrics by relative time period


View, filter and navigate through upcoming and recently released games

Retail Visualizer

A visual overview of in-store advertisements used by a variety of online and traditional retailers


Examine product performance, as measured by a variety of user-selectable metrics


View unit sales and revenue activity for video games


Examine data from the perspective of an entire gaming platform


Monthly tracking of consumer awareness and engagement for current & upcoming games


Export a customizable subset of GamePulse data into an Excel file.

Designed By The Gaming Industry
For The Gaming Industry

GamePulse is specifically designed and engineered to provide you with the most effective business intelligence tool in the game industry. The impressive design comes directly from client feedback, and the user interface has been crafted to provide varying degrees of complexity in data output according to client needs. Whatever you’re looking for, GamePulse has it – quickly and easily.


Don’t keep it to yourself!


You can easily share content created in GamePulse with other users on your team at the click of a button. 


You shared your export with Rob


Here's the new export; some super interesting findings!


This is EXACTLY what I needed for the presentation! Thanks! 


Build Comprehensive Stories & Learn How Successful Your Game Could Be 

EEDAR is always engaging in discussions with leading data providers throughout the interactive entertainment industry to find ways to increase the utility and value of their data for our mutual clients.


GamePulse is the only service available that aligns data from such a wide range of vendors to provide near-instant cross-data analysis, segmentation and reporting.


EEDAR continues to work with publishers and research providers to integrate new data sets as they become viable.

Export Your Data, Beautifully

GamePulse is designed to meet the day-to-day needs of many different roles in an organization.


A wide variety of roll-up and drill-down options exist throughout the application to provide the appropriate level of detail for your research needs.


GamePulse also enables users to easily export beautiful, high-resolution charts, pivot-ready Excel data files, and printable PDFs.

Get Access To The Most Accurate
Data In The Industry's Most Robust Tool

Empower your studio with the most accurate, consistent and robust data tool in the games industry. 

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