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Our Data Gets Granular.

In fact, we know almost all there is to know about any game. From trailer views to subgenre to the protagonist in it, we track it all. The key is in the details.


We can also tell you how your game is tracking on social and streaming, and its potential impact across different media and demographics.

In short, we cover big data - In digestible chunks.

Attribute & Meta Data

We take every data source and condense it into digestible chunks, tailored entirely to your specifications. 

Managed Data Services

We normalize every data set, aggregating it in our custom  database structure. So you get the whole story, in one place. 


We Track All Data

Which means: we know your customers

With information on every console game product released since 2000, every PC game since 2006, and support for mobile and online/social titles, EEDAR data feeds cover the entire landscape of the video game industry.

This means we can do anything with the data, like

Power Digital Store Fronts
Integrate Customized Data Feeds
Surface Customized Deep Product Linking

Find out how we can turn our record breaking expansive data into customized data feeds.

Managed Data Services

The digital ecosystem is incredibly fragmented. It’s very difficult for a company to get a holistic view of the current health of their game without a complex tech solution.

EEDAR collects data from all sources, in all formats, and normalizes it. By aggregating and managing your data in a custom database structure, EEDAR ensures that your global sales are accurately collated, regardless of format. That means you get an ‘apples to apples’ global view, rather than going storefront by storefront, or console by console.

Custom Solutions For Every Client

With thousands of games from hundreds of stores being released each year, it can be a large drain on resources to maintain accurate product information, sales and marketing data. EEDAR can offer a variety of solutions powered by our internal tools and best-in-class product database.

Broad Data Integration & Alignment

EEDAR Managed Services is experienced in aligning and consolidating a broad range of client data including:

Digital Games & Content Sales Data

Media Spend Forecasts & Actuals

Financial Restatements & Reconciliation

Foreign Currency Conversion

Let Us Make Your Data Work For You

Ready to talk data? We are.



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