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Data Feed / API

EEDAR Data Feeds provide the quality and breadth of market-leading attribute data through a flexible service tailored to specific client needs.

EEDAR metadata spans over 170 million facts on over 127 thousand physical box, digital game, and digital content products. And unlike other metadata providers for video game products, EEDAR collects all data internally, ensuring consistent quality, classification, and definitions.

EEDAR data is currently being used to power the digital storefronts of some of the largest retailers in the world. EEDAR data feeds are an ideal solution to enhance the consumer experience of video game digital storefronts, including:

  • Deep product linking across franchises and content types
  • Accurate product information for improved product descriptions
  • Full ESRB compliance and enhanced product recommendations
  • Timely delivery of critical information (e.g. release dates) and assets
  • Enhanced product recommendations

Managed Data Services

The rapid evolution of interactive entertainment has created enormous challenges in the alignment and management of data for business intelligence and reporting purposes. EEDAR is the video game industry's most experienced provider of data alignment and consolidation services.

EEDAR understands every company has their own existing infrastructures and processes for managing data. EEDAR's data management services are built to spec for each individual client allowing for a wide variety of import and export options. Whether you are looking to simplify one data stream for your organization or your entire data ingestion pipeline, EEDAR will work with you to ensure a smooth and effective integration.

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Comprehensive Product Data

With information on every console game product released since 2000, every PC game since 2006, and support for mobile and online/social titles, EEDAR data feeds cover the entire landscape of the video game industry.

Unlike other metadata providers for video game products, EEDAR collects all data internally ensuring consistent quality and definitions of information.

Deep Product Linking

EEDAR product data has consistent and deep linking across critical product variables such as content type, game franchise, and game development company. Better product data makes surfacing additional spending opportunities quick and efficient and powers better product searches.

Enhanced Product Recommendation and Discovery

EEDAR's discovery services provide unparalleled accuracy and flexibility in guiding potential consumers towards the most appropriate entertainment offerings. In addition, powerful toolsets support the creation of an unlimited number of rulesets and weighting configurations to provide multi-channel discovery options.

Screenshots and Trailers

Besides our incredibly deep, text-based metadata, EEDAR can also provide screenshots and ESRB-compliant trailers for all titles released since 2009 in North America.

Flexible Integration Options

EEDAR offers data feeds in a number of integration configurations and can provide engineering support to customize each data feed service to your specific needs. Flat files, web services or pre-configured databases are just a number of options available. Our experienced professionals can even retrofit our feeds to match any existing feeds you may be using as you transition over to our service.

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Specialized Solutions for Every Client

With thousands of games being released each year, it can be a large drain on resources to maintain accurate product information, sales and marketing data. EEDAR understands that every client has different data management needs, and offers a variety of solutions powered by our internal tools and best-in-class product database.

Broad Data Integration Coverage

EEDAR Managed Services is experienced in aligning and consolidating a broad range of client data including:

  • Retail Ship-In, Sell Thru and Inventory Actuals
  • Digital Games & Content Sales Data
  • Media Spend Forecasts & Actuals
  • Financial Restatements & Reconciliation
  • Foreign Currency Conversion

Expert Data Alignment

EEDAR maintains an internal staff of data experts who are carefully trained to deal with the complex relationships and integration issues multiple data sources present.

With a suite of proprietary tools and pre-existing alias mappings across the vast majority of data sources in the video game industry, EEDAR's internal expertise will help you to avoid many delays and pitfalls along the consolidation path.

Ongoing Integration and Reconciliation

Simply integrating data one time is not sufficient to ensure a reliable data consolidation system. Many providers deliver daily estimates with periodic reconciliation files or have data which could potentially overlap with other internal or external data sources to cause duplication.

EEDAR’s experts work to eliminate potential errors during the data transformation process, and provide ongoing reconciliation support to maintain the integrity of data, regardless of its source.

Rich Data Validation

EEDAR has a full-time staff of internal researchers that curate each product’s metadata by hand, and are constantly validating both our internal data and data from partners. Our deep experience working across the entire gamut of data sources ensures that all systems have appropriate validation (human or automated).

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