Enriching all apsects of the global video game industry with information and insight.

Founded in 2006 by video game industry veterans, EEDAR is the largest specialty video game research firm in the world.

Leveraging a proprietary database of over 100 million internally researched data points from more than 92,000 physical and digital video game products, EEDAR is the sole provider of end-to-end integrated data analysis solutions that allow for the examination of every factor influencing the success of past, present, and future video game titles.

EEDAR's well-known services include GamePulse® (a continuously updated application converging data for physical and digital game industry research), DesignMetrics® (sales forecasting, SWOT analysis and custom research), Editorial Insights (mock reviews and outlet bias), discovery and recommendation technologies, investor due-diligence, expert testimony, and custom research services.

EEDAR is based in Carlsbad, California and has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America's Most Promising Companies and also holds the Guinness world record for the largest collection of videogame facts and information.

Context is Everything™

Without examining the data used in your decision making efforts in its full context, the chances of making an erroneous conclusion increase sharply.

Prior to EEDAR's service offerings, it was incredibly difficult to look at interactive entertainment research in the true context of its required situation; aligning data from numerous vendors and then filtering down the data set to provide insights for a specific need took weeks or months to complete.

EEDAR has made these types of research activities take only a few minutes to perform and has revolutionized the role data can play in the decision making process of the modern video game industry.

With more than 92,000 physical and digital video game products providing over 100 million internally researched data points, EEDAR's enormous dataset of "Game DNA" enables previously unobtainable factual-based analysis and diligence services for the video game industry.

EEDAR is committed to bringing together the best data providers around the world under the umbrella of EEDAR's incredibly granular feature data to ensure that all decisions can be made in a truly contextual environment, with objective data behind them.

Guiness World Records

Forbes: America's Most Promising Companies 2009
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