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Realistic insights backed by data.

EEDAR's sales forecasting and SWOT analysis services are the only offering of their kind across the entire video game industry. Leveraging EEDAR's proprietary database that tracks up to 15,000 features on more than 20,000 game titles, each product represents expert analysis based on direct supporting evidence

At EEDAR, we call this range of services DesignMetrics®, you'll call them awesome.

Focused results on specific concerns.

Whether you are trying to gauge the potential sales lift from a feature choice, release timing or even the difference between a print vs., online media campaign, all of EEDAR's services are designed to take into account your exact needs at the time they are performed.

EEDAR has deep experience across the entire product lifecycle from concept and greenlight thru to post-mortem. Our history of working with the top publishers and developers in the video game industry ensures that you don't walk away with just an over-the-fence research report, but targeted insights that address the key issues that will impact your decisions.

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Fast turn-around times

EEDAR's focus on developing a technology and data-driven framework around the suite of DesignMetrics services enables fast turn-around times to meet the dynamic needs of the video game industry.

Most DesignMetrics services are delivered within 5 days of engagement and rush processing can be arranged when necessary.

Explore Alternatives Without Budget Blowout

EEDAR developed the DesignMetrics services with the anticipated need that as some questions get answered they might raise others.

EEDAR's DesignMetrics services offer suite or a-la-carte based pricing models that are often over 80% cheaper than competitors.

In addition, the ability to iteratively navigate a research path as decisions are made across your organization reduces the chance for wasted research dollars.

Dive Deeper As Needed

Sometimes a sales forecast, SWOT or even custom research project will raise issues important enough that a deeper dive is required in order to bring all the facts to the table.

With its proprietary database and an internal library representing every game released over the last 5 years, EEDAR has the resources necessary to collect and analyze the information needed to provide insights at any level of granularity.

Integrate With Other EEDAR Services

If your company is a GamePulse® subscriber or you have purchased a Mock Review, DesignMetrics services can cleanly integrate to ensure that all your EEDAR research services are cohesive and accessible.

GamePulse integrations allow for reports to be downloaded on a per title basis directly from within the application upon completion of work.

If you purchase a Mock Review and the overall quality does not align with assumptions used in initial forecasts (better or worse), EEDAR will provide an update to the forecast at no extra cost!

Fixed, Scalable Costs

Fast Turn-Around Time

Data Driven Approach

Highest Quality Service

Hand Off Calls at Delivery