The Only Channel Monitor For Video Games

There are five elements that need to be measured across modern video game marketing: direct media, editorial, social media, channel circulars and channel point-of-presence (POP) activity.

EEDAR is the only company that supplies a channel POP monitor across the top physical and online video game retailers of North America.

EEDAR staff capture information across a national sample every week (and daily during holiday promotions) to provide complete insight into the pulse of the consumer purchase environment.

If you operate a channel sales team, EEDAR's RetailTrack service will change the way you strategize and deploy your market development funds.

Rich Analytics On Past & Present Promotions

Delivered via GamePulse®, RetailTrack offers a rich suite of tools to analyze the channel activity of internal or competitor titles and retailer inventory usage.

Monitoring over 13 different promotion locations and 15 unique promotion types, RetailTrack allows for accurate segmentation and analysis of each retailer’s inventory allocation and individual title promotion strategies.

With historical data since 2009, RetailTrack has captured detailed insights on more than 10,000 promotions to date.

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Complementary Data to Circular Tracking

EEDAR's data partner Rentrak provides detailed reporting on the activity of online and physical channel circulars for the video game industry.

Via GamePulse, licensees of both RetailTrack and these data circular providers can have total retail activity easily merged to comprehensively evaluate market conditions.

Merging these data sets also supports more effective correlative analysis on the impact of channel spend against awareness and sales.

Impact on Awareness

Clients who subscribe to the Nielsen Video Game Tracker can quickly and easily evaluate the impact of retail promotional activity on key awareness metrics via GamePulse.

Monitoring the relationship between purchase intent and awareness in relation to retail promotional activity provides increased visibility into the effectiveness of past, present and future channel initiatives.

In addition to the Nielsen Video Game Tracker, EEDAR also provides awareness metrics from IGN GamerMetrics and GameTrailers StreamStats.

Impact on Sales & Pre-Orders

Ultimately the best measurement against the success of any channel promotional activity is sales. Through GamePulse, EEDAR can integrate your internal pre-order numbers and syndicated sell-thru data to provide near real-time or historical analytics on the effectiveness of your online or physical retail promotions.

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