Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
EEDAR’s Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis.

EEDAR’s new suite of mobile, tablet, and social products releases the power of EEDAR’s database to help publishers and developers optimize their games before they are released to the public.

EEDAR’s Quantitative and Qualitative reports provide a perfect blend of the art and science of building a successful video game on mobile, tablet, and social platforms.

Whether you are a publisher or developer; creating a big or small budget title; Free-to-Play or Premium, EEDAR can meet your needs.

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EEDAR’s Qualitative Analysis.

With an eye towards improving the fun factor and creating lasting appeal, EEDAR’s Qualitative Assessments help developers and publishers understand the current market standards, identify areas of improvement, and provide actionable feedback that will improve overall game quality and player retention.

Available at any time from first playable code to completion, a Qualitative Assessment provides a complete objective overview of a title’s strengths and weaknesses while offering actionable and realistic suggestions for improvement.

From offering a simple gut check to developers to helping to ensure that a game launches with a minimum viable feature set, EEDAR’s Qualitative Assessments are flexible and direct enough to help guide the design decision-making process.

EEDAR’s Quantitative Analysis

EEDAR’s Quantitative Assessments provide key data points for the game and its genre to assist in creating and improving a game’s key monetization metrics. The report analyzes a current build or design documents and focuses on key performance metrics that are critical to the mobile and social business models, including:

  • Retention Curves
  • Conversion Rates
  • Monetization
  • Average Revenue Per User and Per Paying User

By leveraging EEDAR’s proprietary, and world record-holding, database of over 20,000 of the top selling mobile, tablet, and social games, developers and publishers will gain significant, actionable, and accurate insight on how to maximize monetization and return on investment.

A complete story is told including where the game currently falls within the market as well as its potential metrics if key changes are made, allowing publishers and developers to make informed budget and timeline decisions.

EEDAR’s Quantitative Assessment can be done as early as concept, design document phase, first vertical slice, all the way to late beta. EEDAR’s Quantitative Assessment takes into account the remaining budget and resources available to optimize performance to create a proper assessment that is tailored towards your game.

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