A New Take on The Mock Review/Preview

A Mock Review should be so much more than just a number. That’s why EEDAR delivers a comprehensive product that goes above and beyond the traditional review text and score. Our Mock Review/Preview breaks down a game’s specific strengths and weaknesses, offers suggestions on which sections of the game demo well and which do not, delivers realistic recommendations for how the game could be improved, and details specific PR and marketing touch points that the games media will respond to.

This isn’t just a Mock Review. It’s a comprehensive evaluation of how a game will be received by the media and how that reception can be improved.

Product Fact Sheet

A Perfect Blend of Objective and Subjective

Making games is both an art and a science. Evaluating them should be, too. EEDAR’s Mock Reviews sit at the crossroads of qualitative and quantitative analysis. By combining a data driven approach to trends and consumer interest with the expertise and critical eye of experienced game journalists, EEDAR is able to look at upcoming games from all angles to deliver the feedback you need to succeed with the media and consumers alike.

Data Drive Bias Management

Using our proprietary database, EEDAR is able to look at historical review trends and biases in ways that nobody else can. By cross referencing thousands of review scores with millions of data points, EEDAR’s Review Metrics report can deliver a complete look at what types of games individual media outlets enjoy... and which they don’t. Review Metrics can save you research time and help quickly identify which media outlets to target for PR activities.

Consistent Format & Quality

EEDAR Mock Reviews provide a consistent format and quality of product that reflects numerous rounds of industry feedback to provide a succinct - yet highly informative - analysis on your games potential quality from an editorial perspective.

Proven Track Record

Under the direction of veteran video game critics, EEDAR’s Editorial Insights division has produced scoring projections with 90% accuracy in its first full year of service.

Integrated Across EEDAR Services

If your company is a GamePulse® subscriber or you have purchased a sales forecast for your title, your Mock Review can cleanly integrate to ensure that all your EEDAR research services are cohesive and accessible.

GamePulse integrations allow for the Mock Review to be downloaded on a per title basis directly from within the application upon completion of work.

Additionally, if you purchase a Mock Review and the overall quality does not align with assumptions used in your initial sales forecast (better or worse), EEDAR will provide an update to the forecast at no extra cost!

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