Data to Build the Strongest Case

Unlike many expert witnesses and legal consultants, EEDAR does not rely on internet searches, wikipedia or simply personal experience in delivering expert opinions in client engagements. EEDAR's world leading, proprietary database along with strategic data partnerships with the most reputable providers in the industry ensure that every argument, claim and opinion is supported by the strongest evidence available.

Industry Recognized Research Leaders

Where expert opinion and analysis is required you can rely on EEDAR's industry recognized analysts and executives. With deep professional backgrounds, experience in legal engagements and market knowledge that is both deep and broad, EEDAR provides the right minds to meet your specific circumstances.

Meeting the Unique Needs for Legal Issues

EEDAR recognizes that just because a company has information doesn't make them a perfect fit for the unique needs of the industry.

EEDAR has created the appropriate internal structures and training to provide for well versed expert witnesses, minimization of potential bias and conflict of interest and strict confidentiality and communication protocols for sensitive materials.

Pre-Engagement Consultations Are Free

It costs nothing to call and discuss your potential matter with EEDAR to see if we have the appropriate knowledge and expertise to assist. In the unlikely event that we can't help you, we probably know exactly who you do need to speak to and are happy to provide introductions and referrals.