Financial Decisions Backed By Data

Encompassing due diligence research products, analytic consulting, company profiling, trend monitoring and forecasting services, EEDAR empowers financial analysts to make more informed decisions based on information supplied from the industry’s leading video game intelligence database.

EEDAR Knows Finance

EEDAR provides a robust line-up of specialty services dedicated to the finance community.

Available Services Include:

  • Product, Brand, and Licensing Evaluations
  • Market Risk Analysis
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Portfolio SWOT Analysis
  • Merger and Acquisition Analysis
  • Bankruptcy Asset Analysis
  • Venture Capital Research & Consulting
  • Slate Funding Research & Consulting

Those Who Know More, Win

While intelligence, intuitiveness, and perceptiveness is the basis for any great finance professional, more often than not winning in the financial game comes down to information. The side with the most information is generally the victor. With the power of the industry’s largest video game intelligence database and the partnerships of the video game industry’s leading data providers, EEDAR is able to provide the financial community with a sure fire advantage that is matched by no other business intelligence firm in video games.

Strict Compliance Adherence

EEDAR understands that the need for integrity is higher than ever within the financial community. EEDAR meets the industry’s strictest compliance standards ensuring that all data, analysis, and forecasts are generated solely using publicly available information. EEDAR’s compliance policies are available upon request and internally reviewed every 6 months.

Market Leading Intelligence

Strict Compliance

Broadest Data Coverage

Wide Range of Services

Deep Financial Experience