Discovery Driven By Features

EEDAR is the sole provider of its patent-pending feature driven product discovery services for the video game industry.

Leveraging its powerful proprietary database of over 50 million facts encompassing up to 15,000 meta-data elements per product, EEDAR's discovery services provide unparalleled accuracy and flexibility in guiding potential consumers towards the most appropriate entertainment offerings.

In addition, powerful toolsets support the creation of an unlimited number of rule sets and weighting configurations to provide multi-channel discovery options with virtually no additional hardware or engineering overheads.

Extendable With Transactional Data

EEDAR's discovery services can operate in parallel with your transactional information as either an input weight or post-result filter to provide the highest possible dynamic product discovery solutions.

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Unlocking the Transmedia Opportunity

Due to the unique method by which EEDAR discovery services operate, cross-platform discovery is at your fingertips. Out-of-the box support includes bi-directional physical-digital, digital-dlc, and physical-dlc video game recommendations.

In addition to video-game discovery, the EEDAR discovery services also support bi-directional cinema and television recommendations to video games.

Customizable Discovery Rule Sets

EEDAR's feature based discovery service supports multiple active rule sets that can provide for the richest possible dynamic content offerings for each individual. Whether it is seasonal offerings, CRM tie-ins or demographic segmentations, EEDAR's configuration architecture provides near-instant optimizations to maximize potential revenue.

Flexible Integration Options

EEDAR understands that product discovery is a universal problem across a myriad of devices and online experiences. EEDAR's product discovery solutions can be accessed via EEDAR or client hosted web-services or embedded in C#, WPF or Java environments.

Highly Scalable Technology

EEDAR's discovery and product recommendation services have been rigorously load tested to provide incredibly high performance. A single server instance on a mid-range 1U server can power more than 20 million transactions per hour delivering a cost effective scaling solution for any business need.

Most Accurate Discovery Service

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Multi-Purpose Rule Systems

Transmedia Capable

Flexible Integration Options

Scalable Performance