The Challenge of Data Management

The rapid evolution of interactive entertainment has created enormous challenges in the alignment and management of data for business intelligence and reporting purposes.

EEDAR is the video game industry's most experienced provider of data alignment and consolidation services covering areas such as:

  • Retail Ship-In, Sell Thru and Inventory Actuals
  • Digital Games & Content Sales Data
  • Media Spend Forecasts & Actuals.
  • Financial Restatements & Reconciliation
  • Foreign Currency Conversion

Client Specific Solutions

EEDAR understands every company has their own existing infrastructures and processes for managing data. EEDAR's data management services are built to spec for each individual client allowing for a wide variety of import and export options. Whether you are looking to simplify one data stream for your organization or your entire data ingestion pipeline, EEDAR will work with you to ensure a smooth and effective integration.

Product Fact Sheet

Data Alignment Expertise

EEDAR maintains an internal staff of data experts who are carefully trained to deal with the complex relationships and integration issues multiple data sources present.

With a suite of proprietary tools and pre-existing alias mappings across the vast majority of data sources in the video game industry, EEDAR's internal expertise will help you to avoid many delays and pitfalls along the consolidation path

Rich Validation & Reconciliation Experience

Simply integrating data one time is not sufficient to ensure a reliable data consolidation system. Many providers deliver daily estimates with periodic reconciliation files or have data which could potentially overlap with other internal or external data sources to cause duplication. EEDAR's deep experience working across the entire gamut of data sources ensures that all systems have appropriate validation (human or automated) and reconciliation support to eliminate potential errors during the data transformation process.

FX & Global Business Support

Each data source could represent a single store in a zip code or in some cases more than 200 countries. EEDAR maintains a robust foreign currency transformation service to provide highly accurate conversions to local and normalized currencies.

EEDAR's experience in dealing with the global nature of the video game industry ensures a smooth and comprehensive approach regardless of whether you work in a single territory or around the world.

Meta-Data Extensions for Analytics

EEDAR's rich internal meta-data on more than 20,000 physical and digital video game products can be merged seamlessly with your data transformation requirements to dramatically increase the segmentation possible for business intelligence and financial reporting purposes.

Whether your ultimate analysis tool is EEDAR's GamePulse® service or an alternate solution, EEDAR's total approach to consolidation and transformation will increase the return on investment from your data initiative.

Digital & Physical Products

Data Alignment Expertise

Implementation Support

Restatement Processing

Foreign Currency Management

Custom Exports & Data Delivery